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Nora Gonzales

So glad we finally have a healthy nutritional place to eat now.... Really enjoyed my meals! Mmmmmm Mmmmmm Good!

Angel Kelly

I have to say.... I'm hooked!! Just bought two Paleo cupcakes for my husband and I to try out, but I'll let him know how much he likes it.... because I just ate his too!!!

I know what it takes!

Its not even really about he scale to me BUT, JoJo, when I started Crossfit. I was 158 a year ago.... I got up to 187!!! Thinking I was eating okay, and cheating, working out and no results. I know some is muscle but some body fat from eating Jenn's meals and not cheating I am not down to 182.... in just two weeks. Now I know what it takes!! I am going to stay consistent for sure, its like I love myself even more... now that I know how to take care of myself.