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Cory and Rachel

“You’re going to need to start taking blood pressure medication and your cholesterol is too high.” Cory was 37 when he heard this from the doctor.  This statement, along with encouragement from his health plan nurse, prompted Cory to sign up for BTX Bootcamp.  Cory began eating better and he quickly began losing weight and gaining endurance.  After two months of Bootcamp success Cory convinced his wife Rachel to join also.  “I didn’t realize just how out of shape I was.  The first day of Bootcamp we had to run 200m, I made it 50m. Then, during Bootcamp we would see the Crossfit classes working and we were intrigued.  I asked JoJo if I could do that type of work, expecting him to recommend more Bootcamp for me.  Of course, he then explained Crossfit, how it was all scaled to each individual’s abilities. Cory and I signed up for the very next On Ramp class (September 2012) and haven’t slowed down since.”

Cory had some back pain going into Bootcamp; he no longer has back pain and has maintained normal blood pressure with no medications.  Rachel also suffered from a pinched sciatic nerve prior to starting at BTX, and then subsequently suffered a ruptured disc.  With the encouragement of her doctor she returned to Crossfit after a 4 week break; the coaches scaled and modified the workouts and it wasn’t long before she was back to full ability.  Rachel has lost 3 pant sizes since starting at BTX.

Cory and Rachel both work full time and they have 4 children.  “We made the decision together to be healthy not only for ourselves but for our family.  Crossfit is a priority for us, just as important as going to school or to work.  Because this is something we do together, it has been easier to stick to it.  Our kids come to the box with us every day.  We eat clean, whole foods now, we have more energy, more endurance, we are physically stronger, and we have something we enjoy together which makes our marriage stronger.  BTX has enabled us to make healthy changes in our lives and because of the community and support we will be able to continue to make improvements in our health and quality of life.”  Cory has lost 35 pounds of fat and gained 15 pounds of muscle.  Rachel has lost 20 pounds of fat and gained 10 pounds of muscle and gone down 3 pant sizes.

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