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Connie Flores

connieHello , my name is Connie Flores, I’m 53 years old and I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in November 2008. I have always be an active person and I have always believed in staying fit. I tried a lot of different things to stay active during my life off and on. I tried roller staking, roller blading, bike riding, jogging, walking, jazzercise, Jane Fonda videos, The Firm, total gym, aerobics, step aerobics, dance, horseback riding, gyms and now I’m attending BTX Boot Camp. This is something I always wanted but couldn’t afford a personal trainer. Jojo helped me get that with his camp. Yeah ! I know your probably thinking so what is different from all the other exercises that I have done through out my life time. Well with Jojo’s boot camp, he is always working different parts of your body so it’s never boring. You also enjoy the company of other individuals who are working towards the same goal, in order to stay healthy. I have notice just in the short amount of time that my clothes are fitting looser and I’m able to wear clothes that I was not able to wear because they didn’t fit or to tight. I’m also getting stronger which is helping my disease. Jojo is dedicated to what he does and he is friendly and a socialite. I know by continuing with Jojo’s BTX Boot Camp I will become stronger and healthier to maintain a great healthy lifestyle. Thank you Jojo for making my dream come true.

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