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brendaEver since I had my son, 23 years ago, I have struggled with weight gain.  I love it when people ask me If i am taking weight loss pills.  I love hearing the compliments I get when I haven’t seen someone in a long time.  The compliments I cherish the most are the ones from my husband.  There are so many weight loss gimmicks…take this pill and you’ll lose weight, sprinkle this on your food and you’ll lose weight.  All it takes is dedication, motivation, and hard work.  Losing weight is fun plus you get to SHOP for smaller clothes!  Thank you JoJo for BootCamp and CrossFit, you have taught me how to keep my body healthy.  You have equipped me with the knowledge I need to never go back to the unhealthy person that I was.  I am no longer unhappy with myself and I just want everyone to know that ANYONE can do it!  I know that I am far from where I need to be in my weight loss goal, I do know that with JoJo’s help, I will get there!  JoJo, I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for this town!!!  Thank you!!!

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