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Boot Camp

  • How do I register and make payment?

    Just fill out my simple registration form here. Be sure to let me know a little about yourself and any physical history that may be important to me in order to help you have the best boot camp experience possible. Cash/checks is also accepted.
  • What is Boot Camp Like? What can I expect? Do I have to be in shape?

    NO! The point of the program is to GET you in shape. There are really only two basic fitness requirements I have: (1) I ask that your physician approves of you participating in my program, and (2) because my program involves 'some' running, I need you to be able to complete a mile in some combination of running and walking. If you are not able to finish a mile, I recommend that you work with me one on one to get you past that hurdle and be ready to join the camp.

    Every day is DIFFERENT. The workouts are designed to be: Challenging regardless of fitness level. Fun to keep you motivated. Confusing the body, changing the routine, working out in a positive fun environment are all key when it comes to gaining lean muscle and losing body fat. Your results are guaranteed, therefore your workout routine will never be ‘routine’! BTX Boot Camp is about having FUN. I will never yell or scream at you, but will do my best to bring positive energy, enthusiasm and support. You can expect to be encouraged, motivated and challenged to reach your fitness and weight loss goals. Before every 4 week session, all you do is fill out a provided goal sheet to let me know what your major body fat loss/fitness goal(s) are for that session. If you do not know what your goals are or should be, I can help you with that too. From there, I will work with you on an individual basis to help you achieve the body and fitness you want through fun workouts and proper nutrition. From cardio, to weights, core, push-ups, sit-ups, plank, and workout games (yes games!) you are guaranteed to get fit, get lean, and have fun!

  • Do I need to bring anything?

    Other than a positive attitude and an expectation to have fun I recommend 5-8lb dumbbells for women and 10-15lb dumbbells for men. Other than that, an exercise mat, decent athletic shoes and atleast 32 ounces of water are all you will need. If you don’t have these items I recommend that you invest in them at some point, but for now, no problem, just bring yourself!
  • Can I try a class before I decide to join?

    It’s important to feel comfortable with your boot camp. Many of my former/current clients were those who started out just like yourself and wanted to give boot camp a “try out” before deciding to join.
  • I’m not a runner. Can I still participate?

    Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Boot Camp is not designed to be running intensive. Please let me know about your situation on your registration form or by telling your instructor via email or in person while at camp. I understand that everyone is unique and will work to provide you with alternatives (like power walking) to keep your progress growing! You will never be put in a situation where you feel left out or left behind. After all, I’ve seen it before, maybe you will eventually become a runner…!!!
  • If I’m signed up for one specific boot camp location and time, can I attend other times and locations too?

    Yes! (in the future, I hope to be able to provide more times, more locations, and more bootcamps to have available for more lives to be touched). If, at any point, you can attend twice a day, then awesome!!! Hundreds of calories to be burned! Plus, you get to meet new campers and of course, better attendance equals better results!
  • I’m really not in very good shape is boot camp right for me?

    Nearly all of my exercises, workouts and boot camp games are don’t for timed intervals. So if you are just beginning, you are able to push yourself to your ability within a certain timed interval (i.e. 30 seconds of push ups). If you need me to modify an exercise for you, then just let me know (i.e. doing push ups from your knees rather than on your toes). Doing exercises for time rather than repetitions keeps the group together, allows everyone to work to their ability while making progress, and provides motivation, support and encouragement for all.
  • What if it’s raining/really hot/ really cold and we miss class?

    Camp will not be canceled because of rain, cold or heat. Most locations (college track, high school track) have shaded areas and trees if raining. If hot or cold, please dress appropriately (light, comfortable clothes for hot, and layers for cold) and please always be properly hydrated prior to each workout.
  • My schedule is crazy and I can only attend a few days per week.

    I understand! And for this reason, in the near future, I hope to have more times and locations available throughout Beeville! While everyones schedule is different, I believe that it is important to make the time to take care of yourself! Whether that means going to bed a little early to take a (5:45am class in the future), or bringing the kiddo(s) to our class to observe and learn how exercise is important, but can also be fun! Taking care of yourself allows you to take care of those who depend on YOU.

    Yes, depending on when you are reading this, in the near future I hope to have a Friday evening and/or Sunday evening free bootcamp. Of course, I hope that you will like the FREE class so much you decide to join me on a full time basis! Otherwise, I am happy to serve you and see you every Friday/Sunday evening for a great free weekend workout!
  • OUCH! I have a knee, shoulder, back, elbow, wrist, ankle problem(s) can I still participate?

    Yes! As long as the problem is not a recent or unhealed injury that would reasonably prevent you from working out. Just let me know what the issue is, what your limitations are and I will modify any exercises necessary to safely keep your progress going!
  • What is your refund policy?

    There are no refunds. I am making a commitment to help you achieve your fitness goals and I guarantee your results. I expect the same level of excuse free commitment from you as well. You will be amazed what you are capable of achieving when you show up everyday ready to have fun, have a great workout, and expect results!