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BTX Fitness Studio lies in the heart of downtown Beeville just a few short blocks South of the historic Bee County Courthouse.  Owned and operated by JoJo Gonzales, a former A.C. Jones High graduate, BTX Fitness has set a goal for Beeville and the surrounding areas.  No matter the age, we want to raise the quality of our members’ lives, help everyone become more active, lead a healthier lifestyle and feel confident and happier with their appearance and health.  Meals-n-Thrills is also located inside the BTX lobby.  On a tight schedule and don’t want to eat the high calorie high sodium fast food?  Meals-n-Thrills provides a balanced meal for anyone wanting to eat healthy.  The recipes are carefully chosen and prepared for you to pick up and take with you, or you may want to heat and eat at our location.

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”- John C. Maxwell.  This famous quote couldn’t mean anything more to us.  The coaches at BTX Fitness come from diverse athletic backgrounds and experience, but we have one thing in common….we CARE.  We want to do everything possible to help our members achieve their personal fitness goals.  This is what separates us from other gyms.  We know every member and their fitness goals and strive to keep them dedicated, accountable and motivated to help meet these goals.  We eat, sleep, breathe and repeat Fitness and don’t expect you too, but, we want to use our passion and invest it in you, giving you the valuable tools of enjoying life, reducing doctor visits and adding precious valuable minutes to you and your family.

Whether you are a stay at home mom, husband, grandma, grandpa, brother, sister, police officer, firefighter, EMS, lawyer, construction worker, middle school, high school, college, de-conditioned or conditioned athlete, we have a program that is just right for YOU!  We have pushed aside the gym mirrors, machines, key swipes and earbuds for a more “personal” approach to helping you better YOUR way of living!

BTX Fitness consists of approximately 7,000 sq. feet of “playtime” area with an array of fully functional exercise equipment.  With 30 barbells, 40 pull up stations, 20 medicine balls, 8 rowers, 8 assault bikes, 6 squat racks, 6 TRX systems, 3,000lbs in Rogue bumper plates and a sound system a DJ would be jealous of, BTX is sure to keep your body moving the full 1 hour that will inch you closer and closer to your goals!  BTX is known for the atmosphere, the camaraderie and the encouragement not only our coaches express, but most importantly, what our members express.  The constant cheering and clapping become an addiction.  We want each other to succeed.  We want to finish.  And we want to provide that helping hand.

CrossFit, BootCamp, or Personal Training (1 on 1):  Which one is right for you?  Maybe the “group thing” isn’t for you.  Maybe you’ve never experienced it before.  Whatever reason it could be, let’s set up a 30 minute orientation where we can get to know each other.  We can tour the gym, discuss fitness goals, and decide which path is just right for you.